Friday, January 6, 2017

#MtbosBlogsplosion - My Favorites

Carl and Julie have kick-started a new blogging initiative, and the timing is perfect, as I'm trying to get myself blogging more often instead of waiting for An Amazing Inspiration. This week's theme is My Favorites, and I wanted to share a really helpful framing for peer editing created by my awesome colleague. We've been working on using peer feedback more productively this year, and her document (shared below) gives a good structure for students to reflect on and give feedback to their peers' write-ups and oh hey, they also learn a lot about what makes for a good write-up and use this understanding to do a better job themselves. Mandy has incorporated a peer feedback step for all write-ups, with that night's assignment for students to revise their own work. I would love to do more structured peer feedback in other components of the class, such as homework assignments, note-taking, and studying for assessments. The setup is very basic - students exchange papers, give each other feedback, get their peer's feedback back, and turn it in with their revised write-up, documenting any revisions that they made.

Here's my first draft for a homework feedback form. Would love any feedback and suggestions for improvement.

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